Structural Validation

Structural Validation [Audit] is a systematic method of studying the exact status of the existing [built] structures and designs of proposed structures. Such an audit investigates and highlights all critical areas, the risk factors and the elements of the structure that need immediate attention. It covers the structural analysis of the existing frame and identifies the vulnerable structural areas for static as well as dynamic loads. This study also finds out any changes in the predefined functions of the structure and their impact on structure’s physical characteristics and stability.

We conduct Structural Validation for following objectives
  • Saving efforts and resources to be put into building of proposed structures
  • Salvaging built structures from collapsing and protecting lives and properties
  • Facilitate the owners and developers to know the status of their structure and plan accordingly
  • Make the occupants of a structure aware of the critical risk factors that need immediate attention
  • Guide the stakeholders of a structure to comply with the statutory regulations by the local governance
Around the globe, there are many old structures, some with historic significance. The strength of old structures reduces in the due course of time because of its usage, input of poor quality construction materials, environmental conditions, improper practice or poor workmanship. Also several factors such as plastic deformation, interaction with the environment, initial design, construction flaws and natural disasters develop distress in the structure which may result in development of cracks, corrosion in reinforcement, leakage and seepage. The final soundness of a building can vary due to numerous reasons and thus, only proper precautions at the initial stage and good maintenance in the later life span of the structure can result in a technically sound building.

Determining the root cause of the defect directly depends on the areas of the building that have been affected. Defects in the foundation, floor, or wall can be the direct result of soil issues, water issues, or even workmanship issues. Earthquakes, tropical cyclones, and other natural disasters can also damage the structure of the building and cause it to collapse.

Structural Validation Structural Validation Structural Validation
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