Structural Optimization

Optimization techniques play an important role in structural design, the very purpose of which is to find the best solutions from which a designer or a decision maker can derive a maximum benefit from the available resources. The weight of the structure is optimized with constraints on natural frequencies, buckling stresses, geometric dimensions, and dynamic responses such as stresses, acceleration, and fatigue life of the structure. The constraints are expressed probabilistically. Choosing the probability of failure in such a failure mode is a matter of engineering judgment based on the functions of the structural system and on the possible consequences.

With our presumed expertise in designing of Steel and Concrete structures, we conduct a feasibility study for proposed Structural solutions based on job specific parameters and suggest better suited innovative options, apart from the one with which the structure is already designed, to optimize overall structure while keeping the aesthetics and safety intact. We also provide precise detailed estimated tonnages and costing for Steel Buildings and Pre-Engineered Buildings along with the costing of foundations for all types of Steel & PEB projects, encompassing green field projects as well, for the purpose of bidding and tendering process.

Structural Optimization Structural Optimization Structural Optimization
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