Structural Modifications

Structural modification as a technique to change the dynamic characteristics of a structure has been used for decades. Early structural modification was developed as a direct problem to predict the dynamic property changes as the mass and stiffness properties of a structure change. The evolution and expansion of FE analysis for structural dynamics enabled a wide range of methods for structural modification to be implemented in design and structural analysis. These methods generally work well for small modifications.

There are two basic categories of Structural Modifications – expansion, extension or elevation of existing structures and conservation of the existing structures through retrofitting wherein additional elements are planned, designed and added to the wearing structure to strengthen and protect it from probable damages due to the increased loads or different set of physical, environmental and structural conditions.

We at ACE understand that for effective use of the structure at all times, extensions may be necessary which may not be planned at inception stage. And therefore we offer innovative solutions for extension of existing structures making the most of the usable space without hampering the use and safety of existing structure. For the significant old [heritage and other] structures we have plethora of creative solutions not only to conserve them for augmented life but even salvage the remains of it for an improvised rearrangement.

Structural Modification Structural Modification Structural Modification
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